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The Idiot Pill

A little "stupid" goes a long way...

Hi, this is my journal! I write about whatever the heck I'm thinking about when I have a chance to post. It's probably about my day, may possibly contain ranting or just be ridiculously long. I tend to post when I'm very happy and when I'm very annoyed/ticked/depressed/ready to kill random people who look at me funny. Sometimes I post about current events or books I'm reading. I like doing that, but don't usually have time for fun adult pastimes like keeping up with world events or composing reviews more detailed than "I read ___ and it was really good."

One day in the future, when my kids are grown or when I finally carry through on my threat to sell them to roving Gypsies, I'll have time for things like reading newspapers. Or maybe I'll start taking stimulants and become a modern super-mom (because you know that's how they do it), going to the PTA, coaching soccer, attending charity benefits, keeping a spotless house (HA!), cooking gourmet meals, keeping the hubby smiling all while looking like the cover of Cosmo.

But probably not.

Until then, I do "mom" stuff, I do girl stuff, I consume fiction like I breathe oxygen, I like to get out and do some camping and a float trip or two in the summer, also enjoy getting a full night of sleep now and again.

I live in Illinois with two skinny dogs, two chubby offspring and one "man what stuk a ring on meh."

I'm addicted to Fantasy and Pepsi. I'm an insomniac. I read too much fan fiction online. I love to talk to my friends but I never call anyone. I have two children and am considering just one more, because I've lost my mind. I have "issues", you know, because I'm human and also alive. Hate driving in St. Louis during rush hour. I'm still in love with Captain Picard and Special Agent Fox Mulder. My next house will be built adjacent to a Border's and have a special door connecting the store to my Library. I curse profusely while gaming, so I do it after the kids are in bed. My two dogs (whippets) are horribly spoiled by my husband and my mother. And also by me when no one's looking. I love my puppies and my babies, but I don't put up with a lot of nonsense. Drill Sergeant Mommy, here. We eat the veggies even if we hate them. Furry persons aren't allowed on the furniture. Engine parts found in my kitchen will be tossed at your head while I scream about grease marks on the tablecloth and make rude comments about the barn you were raised in. Yeah, I'm evil.

I'm trying to lose weight by eating sensibly and exercising more than I like to. It's working so far, but the self-imposed restriction of one Pepsi per day may be my undoing...

If you like any of the stuff I like or like reading random rants about whatever, go ahead and friend me if you want. I'll probably friend you back, unless I determine that you're insane or a willfully ignorant hillbilly or an ex-boyfriend in disguise.

If you want to know anything, just ask. All reasonable queries will be answered promptly. Well, promptly after I log on and read them, which may not be the same day or week that you post... Things go crazy around here sometimes and I fall off of the planet for a week or so.

I hate writing these things.